Prospects of PGDBA – The Million Dollar Question

One of the most common questions that we have come across in the past few days is – How would placements/internships be?

Well, to be very honest, even we don’t know it. We can just anticipate and hope that it turns out to be better than our expectations. I will share my experience so far, which makes me believe that placements and internships are going to be no less than PGDM (of IIM C) or any other Masters course at any of the three institutes. The companies who are expected to recruit PGDBA students are going to be same bunch of companies who recruit MBA students.¬†There are lots of companies who hire MBAs for analytics role. Now, since PGDBA program aims at bridging this gap, I feel that packages offered would be similar to the ones offered to PGDM students.

So far, the companies that have interacted with us are Microsoft, SAS, SBI, Deloitte, TCS, IBM, Flipkart, Reliance, American Express, BPCL, Latent View and few other start-ups. (I might be missing out few names). All the companies mentioned here have shown interest in hiring students for internships. Moreover, as per my discussion with the Chairman of this program, there are few other companies which have shown keen interest in hiring students (not disclosing the names, but these are the biggest e-commerce, I-Banks and Consulting firms). It is expected that few of these companies might teach us few courses in the upcoming semesters.
Considering the uptake of analytics in companies and PGDBA being the only full-time residential program (of such stature), demand is going to be very high. So, the hopes are very high and I am quite confident that these are going to be met. 

P.S. – All the views expressed on this blog are made by students and have nothing to do with any faculty, college or any official involved in the program.

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Thanks for providing info about placement scopes of pgdba. Actually i am instrument engineer with two years of work ex in manufacturing, i am interested in pursuing pgdba course. My query is: Does it provide an edge if u r from Computer science background or with work experience in analytics?
Thank you

Having the same profile and very much interested in mathematics though i have not given Olympiad or the exams like that in school time because of less awareness about that exams.Fees are around 17L should i go for it?

There might be some advantage if you are from CS background because you need to study Database, SQL, Languages (Python/Java). But I would say that is not a deal breaker. The level of expertise that is required in these areas can be easily built during the course.

Do they prefer to admit candidates with cs background or wd work ex in analytics during admission in pgdba. Actually read about the batch profile, it seems like they admit candidates with very bright academic background.
thank you

There is no preference whatsoever to any background, be it cs background or people with work ex in analytics (judging from the fact that the number is not high in the current batch). About the academic backgrounds, every student has his/her own diversity and even though it may seem the same as you inferred, we’re all normal students just like anyone else (with a strong affinity for analytics, that is)

For the preparation material/ sample questions or pattern, There have been no official announcements in this regard and the separate test is being conducted for the first time. So going through the concepts mentioned in the syllabus on the website from any standard resource (make sure they are well seated in your mind) should be enough, As such, I’m sure such details are all unintended shrouded mystery by the conveners and would be revealed only on the test day.
There have been many speculations about the tests and you can find some posts on pagal guy ( links as well.

URGENT : If I don’t have an important document that has to be shown during the interview process in original (as said in the call letter), can I show its copy and give an undertaking of that? Will it work or will they cancel my candidature?

Thanks in advance.

The interviews are already over. I think you would have already received the instructions from the panel about this

hi, i converted my PGDBA call. i am looking forward to join this course and very optimistic about it. just need to convince myself that avg salary will be equivalent to PGDM of IIMC. how is the industry perceiving this course. are companies like BCG and MCG lined up for PGDBA?

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